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My clients are hard-working people who experience a work injury. They go to work and earn a living. Like most people I know, my clients rely on their jobs to pay the bills and support their families. Suffering an injury at work due to a sudden, unexpected accident can significantly impact your quality of life. Your routine, livelihood and body may be broken along with your family budget in jeopardy.

Nationally, the latest report of the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics is the 2021 Report of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses as released on November 9, 2022. That report reflects for the year 2021 that private sector employers reported a total of 2.6 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. Those work injuries can often take months to heal with mounting medical bills and a career put on hold while you reach maximum medical recovery—all these hurdles to get your life back on track can seem insurmountable. Being injured on the job in NJ can be one of the most stressful and difficult times of your life. There is good news, however. The New Jersey Workers Compensation system is designed to provide rights to injured workers, and your employer has mandatory obligations to fulfill.

Helping Injured Workers Recover Since 1994

I am an attorney for injured workers in New Jersey. As a Worker’s Comp attorney, I understand your case is unique and important. The advice I give to each work injury client is based upon that worker’s individual circumstances. I also bring to the table for each client all my knowledge, skill and ability. Understanding your particular needs and how they relate to the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law is a very important part of how I deliver quality legal representation. Personalized service and attention takes time but the resulting benefits are more than worth the effort in both client satisfaction and case results.

The road to recovery from a work injury begins here

Protecting Your Workman Comp Rights and
Keeping The Insurance Company Honest

Did you experience a life changing workplace accident? At this point, you are probably confused, anxious and full of questions:

Should I give notice to my employer?

Will I lose my job?

Will I be able to work again?

What about my bills?

Who is at fault?

Should I hire an attorney?

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law is complex and can be a trap for the unwary. I guide my clients through the legal process every step of the way. My clients are informed and educated about the system, how long their case may take and the potential risks and benefits involved at every stage of their workers comp litigation. I am dedicated to the aggressive pursuit of the full range of compensation and benefits allowed including medical treatment, lost wages and a permanency award for any permanent functional loss of a body part

Who is the Best New Jersey Workers Comp Lawyer For You?

If injured on the job in New Jersey, you need a skilled NJ Workers Compensation lawyer to fight for you against comp insurance company shenanigans that can deny you a just and favorable outcome. Rest assured, I take the time to personally review each client’s case using my skill as a work accident attorney in New Jersey for your protection and best possible outcome.

I have heard the lawyer jokes. Please read my response below to one of the most famous misquoted lines from Shakespeare: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” I think you will find the context in which Shakespeare used that line instructive to understand just what in fact he meant. Some of your confusion and anxiety may include which attorney to trust your matter. The greatest professional satisfaction I receive is the compliment from a client expressing gratitude and appreciation for the long hours of work on their matter and the result I achieved for them. They do not tell lawyer jokes after my representation.

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Select A Dedicated and Knowledgeable Workman Comp Lawyer in New Jersey

If you have been injured on the job, you need to know your options. You need to know the best strategies for you to obtain the benefits provided for you under the NJ Workers Compensation system. How to best deal with the authorized doctors and how to best deal with the Workers Compensation insurance carrier are issues I address with my clients.

I promise each client the following: representation from a diligent, dedicated New Jersey Workers Comp lawyer focusing on thorough preparation, giving you personal attention and striving for the best possible outcome for you.

In choosing a New Jersey injury lawyer, remember the words of a famous poet of the Roman Empire named Manilus: “Finis Origine Pendet”. The words translate into English as “The end depends on the beginning.” Your choice of an attorney is the beginning. I invite you to begin by contacting me at (856) 596-8000.

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Knowledge for the Injured Worker

Concept of Pre-Existing Condition in bold metallic lettering highlighted with prescription medication to control symptoms
Neck Injuries

Pre-existing Injuries in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claims

An employee is injured on the job in New Jersey. The injury is to a body part that the employee had also injured in the past. The past injury is a condition existing prior to suffering the current work accident. If the workplace accident aggravates the pre-existing injury, the worker may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

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Construction Accidents

New Jersey On the Job Construction Injuries: Beyond New Jersey Workers’ Compensation to Third-Party Claims

Under New Jersey law, construction injuries primarily fall within the purview of workers’ compensation claims. This mechanism provides injured workers with coverage for medical expenses and compensation for lost wages due to their inability to work. Yet, the realm of workers’ compensation does not encompass compensation for pain and suffering.

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