Determining New Jersey Jurisdiction for a Work Injury Case

Dictionary open to the definition of Jurisdiction in NJ Workers’ Compensation law reflecting key work injury concept
Jurisdiction—This essential term determines whether you can bring a work injury claim in New Jersey. In essence, jurisdiction is the legal green light, a necessary prerequisite for filing. If New Jersey has jurisdiction over your work injury claim, you can receive the work injury benefits allowable under state law.

Protecting Workers, Easing Pain: Understanding New Jersey’s Workers’ Compensation System for Back Injuries

Spine with natural curvature revealing distinct vertebrae with an area of damage to the back reflected by a red region
Workers suffering back injuries need to recognize possible warning signs of serious work-related back conditions such as herniated discs. Injured workers can report the condition to their employer as New Jersey is a no-fault system providing benefits regardless of who is responsible, including the injured worker.

Shouldering the Pain: Rotator Cuff Tears and Job Risks in New Jersey

Rotator cuff highlighted in orange against the blue backdrop of the human anatomy, including upper torso
Every job has its challenges, but some professions place a unique strain on the shoulders, resulting in partial or full rotator cuff tears. The rotator cuff, a vital ensemble of tendons and muscles in our shoulder, plays a crucial role in our daily tasks, yet it's vulnerable to injuries.

Back Injuries in NJ Workers Comp: How Do They Happen?

Patient holds his lower back in pain while a physician discusses the results of MRI test revealing herniated disc
Back injuries are the most frequent and often most serious form of on-the-job injuries in New Jersey. The nature of the job is a key factor, with certain industries like construction carrying higher risks of back injury. Any job, though, can pose a hazard for a back injury, from poorly designed workstations to wet floors in the office.

Construction Sites in the Garden State: The Crucial Intersection of Construction and New Jersey Work Injury Law

Law gavel in front of a construction helmet and protective googles in a symbolic union of law protecting construction workers
When you glance at the dazzling skyline of cities like Newark or the rapidly expanding suburbs of South Jersey, it's easy to admire the end result without fully appreciating the journey behind it. That journey is paved with the sweat, determination, and expertise of New Jersey’s construction workers.

Understanding the Value of a Bulging Disc Settlement under New Jersey Workers’ Comp

Back pain in bold letters surrounded by medical options available for treatment including prescription medication
New Jersey workers' compensation provides a permanency award for those injured workers with permanent functional loss resulting from a bulging disc. That loss is expressed as a percentage. The parties negotiate a settlement or present evidence at a trial for a fair determination based on the unique facts of each case.

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