Pre-existing Injuries in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Claims

Concept of Pre-Existing Condition in bold metallic lettering highlighted with prescription medication to control symptoms
An employee is injured on the job in New Jersey. The injury is to a body part that the employee had also injured in the past. The past injury is a condition existing prior to suffering the current work accident. If the workplace accident aggravates the pre-existing injury, the worker may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

New Jersey On the Job Construction Injuries: Beyond New Jersey Workers’ Compensation to Third-Party Claims

NJ work injury law text and hard hat over construction plans reflecting the role of many trades on the same job
Under New Jersey law, construction injuries primarily fall within the purview of workers' compensation claims. This mechanism provides injured workers with coverage for medical expenses and compensation for lost wages due to their inability to work. Yet, the realm of workers’ compensation does not encompass compensation for pain and suffering.

The Journey of Recovery: Navigating Shoulder Injuries & Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

Physician discusses results of a diagnostic test by pointing to the area of shoulder dislocation with injured worker
The recovery from a workplace shoulder injury in New Jersey can be challenging for the injured worker, from a disrupted life requiring medical intervention to the application of often complex concepts of New Jersey workers' compensation law. The injured worker is on a journey at times full of challenges.

How long do I have to claim work-related injuries in New Jersey?

Statute of Limitations code on Judges bench ready for application to case
There are time frames associated with a formal claim for work-related injuries in New Jersey. Traumatic injury: two years from the date of the injury or from the receipt of a compensation benefit. Occupational claim: two years from the date you discovered the illness and the relation of the illness to your employment.

Nurse Injuries on the Job in New Jersey: Risks, Rights, and Resilience

Chaotic emergency room with nurses providing care for workers injured on the job and brought in for often life-saving treatment
In New Jersey's healthcare institutions, nurses gracefully tread, balancing a world of care on their shoulders. They're the first comforting touch in moments of pain and the reassuring voice amidst medical uncertainty. But beyond their duties lies an often overlooked narrative – a tale of occupational hazards and the hidden battles they face.

Herniated Disc in NJ Workmans Comp: What is your Claim Worth?

Physician closely examining a patient's spine for signs of a herniated disc injury
What your herniated disc claim is worth in New Jersey workers’ compensation is a complex combination of factors unique to your case. Determining a worker's disability percentage, for example, involves assessing the severity of the injury and the level of impairment resulting from the work injury causing your herniated disc.

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