Determining New Jersey Jurisdiction for a Work Injury Case

Dictionary open to the definition of Jurisdiction in NJ Workers’ Compensation law reflecting key work injury concept
Jurisdiction—This essential term determines whether you can bring a work injury claim in New Jersey. In essence, jurisdiction is the legal green light, a necessary prerequisite for filing. If New Jersey has jurisdiction over your work injury claim, you can receive the work injury benefits allowable under state law.

Demystifying Your First Legal Consult: A Guide for Injured Workers in New Jersey

Initial office meeting between NJ work injury lawyer and client with a back and forth exchange of important information
Contacting a lawyer for the first time can feel intimidating, especially when dealing with a workplace injury. This article aims to make that step less daunting. We will debunk common myths about the process, explain the critical information your attorney needs, and underline the importance of open communication. We'll also demystify the 'no-fee' promise, ensuring you won't be charged until your case is successfully concluded.

How long do I have to claim work-related injuries in New Jersey?

Statute of Limitations code on Judges bench ready for application to case
There are time frames associated with a formal claim for work-related injuries in New Jersey. Traumatic injury: two years from the date of the injury or from the receipt of a compensation benefit. Occupational claim: two years from the date you discovered the illness and the relation of the illness to your employment.

Taking Action After a Workplace Injury: A NJ Worker’s Guide to Rights and Claims

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Ever play a game without knowing the rules? It's tough, right? Now, imagine your workplace as a playing field. Just like any game, it has rules. The type of rules that protect you if you get hurt on the job. Welcome to the world of New Jersey workers' compensation law.

NJ Employer Not Obtaining Workers Compensation Insurance: What an Employee Needs to Know

Note to employer to choose workers compensation insurance coverage.
In New Jersey, employers shoulder an important responsibility. They need to protect their workers. At the core of this duty is Workers Compensation Insurance.

Mischaracterizing an Employee as an Independent Contractor

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Worker status is an important issue. The distinction between independent contractors and employees is significant for applying New Jersey Workers Compensation laws.

Is New Jersey Workman Comp Taxable

the workers comp attorney showed the injured worker the calculation of his workers comp benefits
No, the benefits are not taxable income. An injured worker receives benefits under New Jersey Workers' Compensation law.

Can I get Another Job while on Workers Comp?

Construction workers discussing ongoing work accident recovery of a fellow worker.
Yes, you can change jobs while receiving workers compensation in New Jersey.  Factors in the decision are the motivation for the change and the ability to perform the new position.

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