Shouldering the Pain: Rotator Cuff Tears and Job Risks in New Jersey

Rotator cuff highlighted in orange against the blue backdrop of the human anatomy, including upper torso
Every job has its challenges, but some professions place a unique strain on the shoulders, resulting in partial or full rotator cuff tears. The rotator cuff, a vital ensemble of tendons and muscles in our shoulder, plays a crucial role in our daily tasks, yet it's vulnerable to injuries.

From Shoulder Injury to Shoulder Compensation: A Guide to Workplace Shoulder Claims in New Jersey

Shoulder injury swollen and inflamed as a red area on the body of injured worker immediately after a work accident.
In the workplaces of New Jersey, shoulder injuries are more common than most might think. A simple lift, a sudden jolt, or even the wear and tear of repetitive tasks can disrupt one's professional and personal life. Understanding these injuries is the first step, but equally important is grasping how compensation for such injuries is determined.

The Journey of Recovery: Navigating Shoulder Injuries & Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

Physician discusses results of a diagnostic test by pointing to the area of shoulder dislocation with injured worker
The recovery from a workplace shoulder injury in New Jersey can be challenging for the injured worker, from a disrupted life requiring medical intervention to the application of often complex concepts of New Jersey workers' compensation law. The injured worker is on a journey at times full of challenges.

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