Understanding the Value of a Bulging Disc Settlement
Under New Jersey Workers' Comp

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New Jersey workers’ compensation provides a permanency award for those injured workers with permanent functional loss resulting from a bulging disc. That loss is expressed as a percentage. The parties negotiate a settlement or present evidence at a trial for a fair determination based on the unique facts of each case. 

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Understanding Bulging Discs

Bulging discs are a common yet often debilitating condition affecting many workers who sustain injuries on the job. Before delving into the legal implications of the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law, it is crucial to understand the medical aspects of this condition.

A bulging disc occurs when an intervertebral disc, which serves as a shock absorber between the vertebrae in the spinal column, begins to protrude into the spinal canal. According to Medical News Today, one of the most reputable sources of medical information, a bulging disc can cause severe pain, numbness, and even weakness in various parts of the body, depending on the affected area of the spine. Some people might experience no symptoms, while others might suffer from debilitating pain that hampers their daily life and work activities.  The symptoms vary from one injured worker to the next. 

This condition can occur due to traumatic events like a fall or an accident, or it can be an outcome of repetitive strain on the back from activities like heavy lifting, which are common scenarios in workplaces. Regardless of the cause, the impact of a bulging disc can significantly affect an individual’s work performance and overall quality of life.

A Helping Hand: New Jersey Workers Comp

Now, let’s pivot to the legal dimension of the issue. The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law aims to safeguard employees who suffer from work-related injuries, including conditions like bulging discs. The law is designed to provide for medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, and even compensation for permanent partial or total disability.

Under New Jersey law, the Workers’ Compensation system operates on a no-fault basis. This means injured workers are eligible for benefits irrespective of who was at fault for the injury. This aspect is particularly pertinent to bulging disc cases, where the condition may not immediately result from a traumatic event but could arise from accumulated stress and strain over time.

However, it’s important to note that getting fair compensation for a bulging disc work injury can be complex. Insurance companies often attempt to classify the bulging disc as a degenerative condition, thereby disconnecting it from work-related activities. As a Workers’ Compensation attorney, one of our key responsibilities is to prove the link between your job and the bulging disc condition.

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How Much is a Bulging Disc Settlement Worth?

Determining the cost of a bulging disc settlement in New Jersey isn’t simple. Objective evidence of the condition from relevant diagnostic tests is important.  Also, how your life has been affected by the injury is a factor.  Another factor is the impact of the injury on your work. For example, a construction worker suffering from a bulging disc might have a different settlement compared to an office worker due to the nature of their jobs.

In New Jersey, the law tries to calculate compensation based on the loss of use of your injured part, in this case, the impact on your back from the bulging disc. The process involves an examination by experts from both sides, who then produce reports. These reports might differ. When there’s a disagreement, it could lead to a trial. The Judge of Compensation then makes a decision based on the facts and the state’s work injury law.

One thing to remember is that insurance companies might argue that your bulging disc isn’t work-related. That’s why it’s important to prove that the injury happened while working for your employer’s benefit. This might involve presenting witness statements or medical reports that link your bulging disc to your job. Insurance companies often take all available steps to deny an injured worker’s claim or reduce the payout. The steps can include a thorough investigation of your case in an effort to discredit your injury claim.  

Choosing a good lawyer can make a big difference. They can help you make the right decisions and present a strong case. So, while the final cost of a bulging disc settlement will vary, getting the right help can lead to the best possible outcome for you.

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Why Choosing the Right Work Injury Attorney is Important

In the wake of a bulging disc injury, having a seasoned work injury attorney by your side can make a world of difference. They understand the ins and outs of New Jersey workers’ compensation law, can effectively communicate all crucial factors related to your case, and guide you toward the most favorable decisions. They’ll also champion your interests against insurance companies, ensuring your case gets the representation it deserves.

Navigating such a complex process alone can be daunting, but you don’t have to. Contact the law office of John F. Renner at (856) 596-8000. With over 25 years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases, John F. Renner has the expertise and commitment you need. He is dedicated to working closely on each of his cases, ensuring that your unique situation receives the attention it deserves. Let us help turn your challenging journey into a journey of recovery and resolution today. We have your back.

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