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Bridgeton is the county seat of Cumberland County, New Jersey. Native American Indians cultivated the land along the Delaware River. Indeed, they did this for thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers. In Bridgeton, European settlement began in the late 1600s.
The post-Civil War era in Bridgeton saw a boom in manufacturing activity. This included glass items and sewing machines. Bridgeton and the State of New Jersey entered the Industrial Revolution. As such, working conditions for workers throughout the State changed.
A dip in manufacturing activity in the mid to late 20th century caused urban decay. There is, though, a recent upswing in economic activity. The focus of the activity is on health care workers. Also, a source of local pride is the Bridgeton Historic District. This addition to the National Register of Historic Places took place in 1982. The Victorian architecture dominating the area, for example, served as residential homes. For example, working-class families employed by the manufacturing base resided there.
Workers’ compensation laws enacted in 1911 in New Jersey were some of the first in the country. Today, ethnic diversity increases as agricultural workers come to the area from Mexico and Guatemala. A large minority of residents of Bridgeton and their children speak Spanish. They speak Spanish with the native Mexican language of Zapoteco. This native language is spoken by the Zapotec people from the southwestern central area of Mexico.
The residents of Bridgeton are a melting pot of diversity. Note that the Workers Compensation Court handles work injury cases involving non-English speaking citizens of Cumberland County including the City of Bridgeton.
Cumberland County, named for an English county, is the agricultural gem of New Jersey. With over 70,000 acres of farmland, Cumberland County leads the state in the production of vegetables and potatoes. Recently, Cumberland County wants to lead the nation in sod production and floriculture.
Other industries of importance in the County include healthcare professions. This includes nurse and nurse assistants, tourism, and manufacturing. In the agricultural field, workers can suffer work-related injuries from exposure to the daily hazards of heavy equipment and machinery in use on farms. Nurses and Nurse Assistants are often injured in the routine provision of healthcare to their patients.
As the diagram below illustrates, healthcare is the main industry in Cumberland County (17.2%) with manufacturing (12.7%) and construction (6.5%) reflecting industries that have a higher incidence of workplace accidents. Employees injured on the job in these industries often face severe injuries. This is due to the physical nature of their jobs.
Industries employing workers in Cumberland County NJ

Bridgeton Workers Compensation Lawyer

The Bridgeton Workers Comp Court serves both Cumberland and Salem Counties in New Jersey. The Court hears work accident cases from the wide geographical span of both counties. Work accident lawyers representing both sides of a dispute generally agree that the Judges of Compensation in Bridgeton are skillful at resolving the workplace accident cases appearing before the Court. The Comp Court location is 40 East Broad Street, Suite 203, Bridgeton, NJ 08302-2880. (Phone (856) 453-3930, Fax (856) 453-3933).

  • Regional Supervisor: Charyl Stump
  • Supervising Judge of Compensation: Robert Sebera
  • Presiding Judge of Compensation: Robert Sebera
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation: Ingrid French

How Do I Get To Bridgeton Workers Comp Court?

Bridgeton, NJ Workers Compensation Court
Bridgeton, NJ Workers Compensation Court (Map data ©2023 Google)
  • First, take New Jersey Turnpike South to Exit 2. Then take 322 South to Mullica Hill.
  • Second, continue on 322 South until you get to the intersection of Rtes. 322 & 45.
  • Third, turn right onto Rte. 45 South. Then about half a mile down the road, you will come to a fork in road.
  • As a result, to the right is Rte. 45 South. To the left is Rte. 77 South. Bear left to Rte. 77 South. Continue on Rte. 77 South all the way into Bridgeton.
  • Once in Bridgeton, continue on Rte. 77 South for 2 miles until you reach the end of Rte. 77. It will be the intersection of Rtes. 77 & 49 (E. Broad Street). The Bridgeton Workers’ Compensation Court location is 40 E. Broad Street, Suite 203, Second Floor.
  • There is also parking available at the rear of the building.


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Bridgeton Workers Compensation Court

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Bridgeton Workers Compensation Court Key Facts

How To Choose Your New Jersey Work Injury Attorney?

Selecting a New Jersey workman comp attorney near you in Bridgeton, Cumberland County or Salem County requires careful consideration. Take the time to ask yourself the following. Are you comfortable with the advice, demeanor, and experience of any potential attorney you consider hiring for your matter? It is crucial you make a selection that is the right fit for you. Mr. Renner has extensive experience in the field of law known as New Jersey Workers Compensation. You and your family depend on the best possible outcome. Last but not least, our contact number is (856) 596-8000.

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