First Report of Injury (FROI) in New Jersey Workers' Compensation Law

The First Report of Injury (FROI) is a document employers in New Jersey must complete and file when they become aware of a workplace injury or illness. This report is the first official record of the incident, providing critical information about how, when, and where the injury occurred and details about the injured worker.


Documentation: The FROI serves as a primary record of workplace injury, ensuring that there is an official account of the event.


Initiation: Filing the FROI initiates the workers’ compensation benefits process and ensures that the injured worker’s rights are protected.

Insurance Adjuster accepts work injury claim by marking it “confirm” in red letters after receiving first report of injury

Reporting Timeframe and Procedure

For Employers: Once aware of an injury, employers typically promptly notify the insurance carrier of the details of the accident.


For Insurance Carriers: After receiving notice from the employer, the insurance carrier is given 21 days to file the  FROI, which is a prescribed form published by the Division of Workers’ Compensation.


Method of Submission: The FROI is generally submitted electronically to ensure swift processing. 

Importance in the Compensation Process

Claim Basis: The FROI is an important document upon which a workers’ compensation claim can be pursued.


Determining Benefits: Information from the FROI can influence the type and amount of benefits an injured worker may receive.


Protection for Workers: By law, employers cannot retaliate against workers for reporting injuries. The FROI serves as an official record, offering a measure of protection to employees.


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