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Jersey City is the county seat of Hudson County and is part of the New York Metropolitan region. Hudson County has a long history of European settlement dating back to the early 1600s. During this time, Henry Hudson anchored his ship, the famous Half Moon, at Sandy Hook in what would become a Dutch territory known as New Amsterdam.
Hudson, seeking a better trade route to East Asia, sailed to Albany on that journey. Before Dutch settlement, the area on both sides of what is now the Hudson River included local Native American Indians.
Given the proximity to Ellis Island, Hudson County saw an influx of European immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th century. Working on the docks or in manufacturing, workers usually did not have far to travel to work. Most workers lived close to the dock or factory. A long commute was not an option.
Medical care was still in an early stage of development. For example, the x-ray was not created until 1895. Most surgeries took placed in the patient’s home. The odds of surviving surgery during this time were not greater than the odds of dying from surgery. This did not change until the early 20th century. Antibiotics were not discovered until 1928.
Any worker suffering a serious work injury faced a grim reality because of the lack of sophisticated medical care. Also, no social welfare programs were in place. This included the lack of a workers comp court system or work injury lawyers that could assist in the recovery. Today, thankfully, the situation is different. Mandatory workers compensation insurance requirements exists for employers. Also, a sophisticated workers comp court system protects the worker.
Hudson County is a regional powerhouse of service industry employment. Many of the tallest buildings in NJ exist on the waterfront facing Manhattan. The concentration of finance in the area of Exchange Place results in the nickname Wall Street West. Goldman Sachs, Chase Bank and Citibank all have a significant presence. Shipping and retail also provide many employment opportunities in the port area distribution terminals.  
Industries employing workers in Hudson County NJ

In Hudson County, most active industries are health care and social services. Professionals in these industries serve a vital role for us all. Injuries suffered by professionals in these fields often lead to loss of employment from inability to function on the job even after rehabilitation. NJ Comp Court does have a permanency award provided to the injured worker for the loss of function of a body part. The award, however, can pale in comparison to the loss of a career.

Court Personnel Of The Jersey City Workers Compensation Court

The Jersey City Workers Compensation Court handles all work injury claim petitions filed within Hudson County. The Comp Court location is 438 Summit Avenue, 3rd floor Jersey City, NJ 07306-0603. (Phone (201) 217-7205, Fax  (201) 217-7210). The key Court personnel and the Judges of Compensation are:
  • Head Clerk: AnneMarie Jorda
  • Regional Supervisor: Evelyn Roman
  • Presiding Judges of Compensation: Jill Fader, Anthony Mautone, and John McGovern
  • Supervising Judge of Compensation: Jill Fader
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation: Diana Montes

How Do I Get To Jersey City Workers Compensation Court?

Jersey City, NJ Workers Compensation Court
Jersey City, NJ Workers Compensation Court (Map data ©2023 Google)
From North:
  • First, Take Kennedy Blvd. to Journal Square.
  • Second, at Sip Avenue make a left turn and proceed three blocks to Summit Avenue.
  • The Workers’ Compensation Court is directly across the street on the right at 438 Summit Avenue, 3rd floor.
  • There is also parking available at the corner of Sip and Summit Avenues.
From South:
  • First, Take NJ Turnpike North to Exit 15E. Then follow signs toward “Jersey City, Rtes. 1 & 9 North”.
  • Second, Follow 1& 9 North over two bridges, about 3 miles. Then after crossing the second bridge, continue straight onto Communipaw Avenue. (Do not stay on Rtes 1 & 9 which turn left).
  • Third, Continue about ¾ mile and turn left onto Bergen Avenue. Then follow for 1 mile to Sip Avenue. Then make right turn at Sip Avenue. Follow Sip Avenue 3 blocks to Summit Avenue.
  • The Workers’ Compensation Court is directly across the street on the right at 438 Summit Avenue, 3rd floor. There is also parking available at the corner of Sip and Summit Avenues.
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Jersey City Workers Compensation Court

Summary Flow Chart for Jersey City Workers Compensation Court

Please see below a diagram for important information about Jersey City Workers Compensation Court.

Jersey City Workers Compensation Court Key Facts

Workers Comp Attorney Jersey City NJ

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