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Mt. Arlington in Morris County NJ is today a thriving suburban community on the picturesque Lake Hopatcong after being a popular resort area in the late 19th century and early 20th century.
A small community of about 5,000 people inclusive of professional jobs in a variety of work industries according to the 2010 Census. The area retains the old grand feeling of a grand resort for the wealthy of years past. Natural beauty with a small-town feel makes Mt. Arlington one of New Jersey’s finest places to live. 
Morris County is rich in colonial history. Morristown National Park preserves the headquarters of General George Washington and the Continental Army. Washington led the newly formed United States against Great Britain. Washington and the Continental Army encamped at the site for two winters during the War of Independence. The National Park takes visitors throughout Washington’s headquarters including local workers. This is part of leadership training in their workplace. The tour includes conference rooms for war planning and living accommodations.
There were few benefits to these brave men and women who sacrificed for the new nation. Certainly nothing like the workers compensation laws of New Jersey that courts enforce today. These laws exist to protect employees injured in the workplace. After the war, unfortunately, most Continental soldiers received devalued colonial scrip. As a result, some needed to sell land holdings for medical costs after war injuries took away their ability to earn a wage.
Since the turn of the century, industry in Morris County has changed from iron mining to research, pharmaceuticals and light manufacturing. In the same period, the character of the land itself has shifted from agricultural to residential. Also, there are major corporations headquartered in the county. This requires the Mt. Arlington workers comp court to handle a wide variety of injury cases in an expeditious yet thorough manner.
As reflected in the diagram below, Morris County has a broad industrial base. This base includes both office type jobs and the physically demanding industries of health and care and manufacturing. The types of workplace injuries before a court can include minor cases where the worker returns to his or her job without work restrictions. Other cases include workers who are totally and permanently disabled from the workplace.
Industries employing workers in Morris County NJ

Morris and Sussex County Workers Compensation Lawyer

Mt. Arlington Workers Comp Court serves Morris County, Sussex County and the northern half of Warren County. Given the diversity of industry in all the areas served by the Court, the Judges of Compensation in Mt. Arlington handle a significant caseload each year. The cases before the Court settled under the New Jersey Workers Compensation law. The Comp Court location is 100 Valley Road, Bldg. #1, Suite 100 Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856. (Phone (973) 770-4480, Fax (973) 770-8799). The Judges of Compensation hear cases from Morris County and Sussex County. They try cases fairly to all litigants and lawyers.
  • Regional Supervisor: Mildred Rodriguez
  • Supervising Judge of Compensation: Michael Luther
  • Presiding Judges of Compensation: Glenn Kaplan, Phillip LaPorta, and Michael Luther
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation: Glenn Kaplan

How Do I Get To Morris County Workers Compensation Court?

Mt. Arlington NJ, Workers Compensation Court
Mt. Arlington, NJ Workers Compensation Court (Map data ©2023 Google)

From I-80 East:

  • First, Take Exit 30 (Howard Blvd.)
  • Then at the second traffic light, make a left onto Seasons Drive and then a left onto Valley Road. 100 Valley Road is the first building on the left.
  • There is also parking available on the side and rear of the Court.


From I-80 West:

  • First, Take Exit 30 (Howard Blvd.) Then at the stop sign bear right.
  • Second, at the first traffic light, make a left onto Seasons Drive and then a left onto Valley Road. 100 Valley Road is the first building on the left. There is also parking available on the side and rear of the Court.


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Mt. Arlington Workers Compensation Court

Summary Flow Chart for Mt. Arlington Workers Compensation Court

Please see below a diagram for important information about Mt. Arlington Workers Compensation Court.

Mt. Arlington Workers Compensation Court Key Facts

Do You Need A Workers Compensation Attorney In Morris and Sussex County?

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