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The City of Newark in Essex County serves a vital role in the State of New Jersey. It is a major transportation hub on the East Coast of the United States including an international airport, shipping, and railway.
The Newark International Airport is one of the most traveled airports in the United States. Port Newark-Elizabeth is an active terminal for shipping containers arriving from all over the world. The importance of Newark is also reflected in the growing population trends. 
Newark has a long history dating back to the Puritans settling the area in 1666. The name comes from “New Ark” reflecting “New Ark of the Covenant” given by a Puritan pastor named Abraham Pierson. Pastor Pierson gave the city its first variation of what was to become Newark.
Many colonists interpreted the name as “New Work”. This reflected the opportunities presented in the area for those early settlers.   Eventually the name became simply Newark. Early settlers brought the Protestant work ethic from England. This ethic is still an important value held by many New Jersey workers. Dedication and long hours on the job to support their families and provide them with a level of financial security.  Work accidents can have a serious impact on New Jersey workers.
The workers comp laws of New Jersey are a critical aspect of worker protection for on-the-job accidents. Take your time to choose your New Jersey attorney to handle your work injury matter.
During the American War of Independence, Newark was the site of several raiding expeditions by British troops. This included a retreat by General Washington from Newark to avoid troops led by British General Cornwallis.   
Today, Newark is the home of major corporations including the North American headquarters of Panasonic. Also, financial industry giant Prudential and the transportation headquarters of NJ Transit. Newark is the county seat of Essex County.
Essex County has a burgeoning industrial base reflected in the diagram below. This includes health care professionals who can suffer the most serious workplace accidents in New Jersey. Transportation and Warehousing are also a sizeable part of the industrial base. A major transportation hub is in Newark, Essex County.
Industries employing workers in Essex County NJ

Newark Workers Compensation Court

The Comp Court location is 124 Halsey Street, 2nd floor Newark, NJ 07101-0226. (Phone (973) 648-2663, Fax (973) 648-7780).
The Newark Workers Compensation Court is one of the busiest courts in New Jersey. The Comp Court handles all work accident claims filed in the County of Essex. The Judges of Workers Compensation who hear cases in Newark expertly handle a variety of work accident cases.
  • Regional Supervisor: Mildred Rodriguez
  • Presiding Judges of Compensation: Sean Dillon, Phillip LaPorta, Diana Montes, Vidya Prasad, and Theresa Yang
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation: Diana Montes

How Do I Get To The Newark Workers Compensation Court?

Newark, NJ Workers Compensation Court
Newark Workers Compensation Court (Map data ©2023 Google)

From North & South:

  • First, Take New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 15E.
  • Then second, Bear left after the toll booth for Newark. Then follow signs for Raymond Blvd.
  • Third, Continue on Raymond Blvd. for 2 1/2 miles to Broad Street. Then make a right turn at Broad Street.
  • Fourth, Take the second left at light onto West Park Street and go one block. Then make another left turn onto Halsey Street.
  • The Workers’ Compensation Hearing Court location is 124 Halsey Street, 2nd floor. There is also parking available at the pay lot on West Park Street or Halsey Street across from the Court.


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Newark Workers Compensation Court

Summary Flow Chart for Newark Workers Compensation Court

Please see below a diagram of important information for the Newark Workers Compensation Court.

Newark Workers Compensation Court Key Facts

Workers Comp Lawyer Newark NJ

John F. Renner is an experienced work accident attorney in the State of New Jersey who can guide you through to a successful recovery. Many workers have the stress of medical bills and meeting other financial obligations. This can hamper a full recovery and possible return to your previous work duties.

The New Jersey workers comp system provides comprehensive benefits. These benefits can be impeded by the actions of an insurance company seeking to unjustly deny those benefits. Last but not least, our contact number is (856) 596-8000.

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