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Paterson is the county seat of Passaic County in the northern part of the State of New Jersey bordering New York City. The City is highly urbanized and densely populated. The City of Paterson has a venerable history dating back post the Revolutionary War period. Alexander Hamilton, then U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, helped establish the region as an early manufacturing hub.

The Great Falls of the Passaic River provided a reliable and inexpensive source of energy for industry to flourish. Known as the “Silk Road” in the latter half of the 19th century due to the dominance of silk production in the area. As with other regions experiencing the early impact of the Industrial Revolution,  Paterson’s workers were often inadequately paid with no social or insurance programs to cover even basic needs in the event of a work accident.

The living and working conditions for factory and industry employees at the time were often abysmal. Most workers also lived close to their place of employment crowded into small living quarters in large buildings. No union representation or a system of law in New Jersey to provide even basic protections.
Time has changed in New Jersey. The law governing work accidents, for example, gives the injured workers a system to recover physically without sacrificing basic needs.
Today, Paterson is a cultural melting pot with residents from around the world including Arab nations and Southeast Asia  Representative countries of origin for many residents of Paterson include Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Peru, Turkey, Bangladesh, Albania, and Bosnia. The diversity of ethnicity in Paterson gives the City a vibrancy of cultural pride and distinct neighborhood charm.  The Eastside Park Historic District is nationally recognized for its grand architecture. These homes once served many of the wealthy industrialists of the early 20th century.
As shown in the diagram below, Passaic County has a varied number of industries. This creates a solid economic base. But, workers employed in manufacturing and health care are more likely to suffer serious workplace injuries.
Industries employing workers in Passaic County NJ

Workers Compensation Court Paterson New Jersey

The Paterson City Workers Comp Court location is 100 Hamilton Plaza, 8th floor Clark Street, Paterson, NJ 07505. (Phone (973) 977-4526, Fax (973) 977-1916). All workplace injury claims filed in Passaic County are heard before this Court. The Comp Court staff of experienced Judges of Compensation and dedicated staff are willing to assist all parties and lawyers appearing in work injury litigation.
  • Regional Supervisor: Evelyn Roman
  • Supervising Judge of Compensation: William Roca
  • Presiding Judges of Compensation: Kenneth Campen, Brian Eyerman, and William Roca
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation: Glenn Kaplan

How Do I Get To The Paterson City Workers Comp Court?

Paterson City, NJ Workers Compensation Court
Paterson City Workers Compensation Court ((Map data ©2023 Google)

From I-80 West:

  • First, Take exit 57B-A. Then follow signs for Downtown Paterson.
  • Second, Follow the ramp onto Ward Street. Then take Ward Street from three traffic lights to Clark Street.
  • Third, Make a left onto Clark Street. Then there is an entrance to the building on Clark Street. If you continue to the next corner, Market Street, make a right turn, and you will see another entrance to the building.
  • The Workers’ Compensation Court location is on the 8th floor of the Hudson United Bank building. There is also parking available in the Municipal Parking lot next to the Court.


From I-80 East:

  • First, Take exit 57B and follow signs for Downtown Paterson. Then follow the above directions.


From Garden State Parkway North and South:

  • First, Take exit 155P (exit is on the left side), which is also the feeder route to I-80. Do not get on I-80. The exit ramp leads to Route 19 North.
  • Second, Take Route 19 North to the exit for Downtown Paterson. Then follow the above directions from Ward Street.


Click below for more directions to the Court:

Paterson City Workers Compensation Court

Summary Flow Chart for Paterson Workers Compensation Court

Please see below a diagram of important information for the Paterson Workers Compensation Court.

Paterson Workers Compensation Court Key Facts

Work Injury Case in Paterson New Jersey

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