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The Workers Compensation Court in Toms River staff includes Judges of Compensation and Court personnel of the highest caliber. Work injury lawyers and litigants generally have their cases handled with due care for just and fair resolutions for all work injury claims filed in Ocean County.
Toms River is the county seat of Ocean County New Jersey.  During the 19th century, Toms River became a center for shipbuilding, whaling, fishing, and iron production.  
Ocean County is now home to many retirement communities. They need access to quality health care. Further, New York City is close by. This gives residents the opportunity to work in an urban environment. Yet, living in a county with a small-town feel.
Toms River is well known throughout the region. For example, Toms River is the home of the 1998 Little League World Series team. Also, Ocean County is the focus of television shows such as the Jersey Shore and Boardwalk Empire. Due to the distance of Toms River to the shoreline, there is an ongoing sense that life should not move at the same fast pace as in other parts of New Jersey.
New Jersey workers seeking to file a Claim Petition in Toms River Workers Comp court need to show a work injury while “on the job.” The Claim Petition in New Jersey workers compensation law is the first pleading filed with the court. This begins the process of resolving your work injury case.
Judges of Compensation in Toms River decide the scope of coverage issues. This includes whether a workers comp claimant can seek workers compensation benefits. Injury claims arising from recreational activities may not qualify for worker injury comp. The facts and circumstances of a particular case are important.
The industrial base of Toms River reflects the same level of diversity of work accident cases filed in Ocean County. Workers in each of these industries as shown in the diagram below face unique workplace hazards which can cause serious injuries.

Workers Compensation Lawyer in Toms River

Industries employing workers in Ocean County NJ
The Toms River Comp Court location is 954 Route 166 Toms River, NJ 08753. (Phone (732) 349-9592, Fax (732) 349-7348). The key Court personnel is:
  • Head Clerk: Helen Seethaler
  • Regional Supervisor: Charyl Stump
  • Supervising Judge of Compensation: Russell Cherkos
  • Presiding Judges of Compensation: Mary Casey, Russell Cherkos, David Lande, Salvatore Martino, and Michael Sica
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation: Ashley Hutchinson

How To Get To The Toms River Workers Compensation Court?

Toms River, NJ Workers Compensation Court
Toms River, NJ Workers Compensation Court (Map data ©2023 Google)

From Northwest:

  • First, Take I-195 East to Rte. 9 South, then follow Rte. 9 South, to Rte. 166 South.
  • The Toms River Workers’ Compensation Hearing Court location is just before the intersection of Old Freehold Road. There is also parking in the rear.


From South & North:

  • First, Take Garden State Parkway to Exit 82. Then follow to Rte. 37 East.
  • Second, Follow Road to 166 North for 1 mile.
  • The Toms River Workers’ Compensation Hearing Court location is after the intersection of Old Freehold Road. There is also parking in the rear.


Click below for more directions to the Court:

Toms River Workers Compensation Court

Summary Flow Chart for Toms River Workers Compensation Court

Please see below a diagram of important information for the Toms River Workers Compensation Court.

Toms River Workers Compensation Court Key Facts

Workers Compensation Attorney in Toms River

You choose the attorney to represent you. How will you exercise your choice? Mr. Renner has stood up for many injured workers since 1994. He handles complex cases that arise in New Jersey Workers Compensation law including cases of total disability.
Many cases resolve with negotiation between the parties. Other cases need a full trial with expert testimony to arrive at a fair and just result. Your attorney should be able to handle any necessary avenue to achieve the best results. Mr. Renner is a stand-up guy who knows what it takes to get the job done for you. Last but not least, our contact number is (856) 596-8000.

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