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The Trenton Workers Compensation Court handles cases seeking work accident benefits filed in Mercer County, New Jersey. The Judges of Compensation diligently and fairly decide a high volume of work injury cases filed by workers in a variety of industries. The Court location is in downtown Trenton.
Trenton is the state capital of New Jersey and the county seat of Mercer County. The City of Trenton has a long and venerable history dating back as far as 1719. This reference is in correspondence referring to “Trent-towne” in honor of local landowner William Trent
Before that time, the Lenape tribe inhabited the area. The rich agricultural region of the Delaware River separates the State of New Jersey from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
The famous battle of Trenton took place on the morning of December 26, 1776, during the War of Independence from Great Britain. This victory gave General Washington a much-needed morale boost. And the colonists’ first military victory. The famous crossing of the Delaware River by Washington and his troops surprised the English forces stationed in Trenton. The crossing is annually reenacted for tourists and history buffs alike.
Trenton’s history includes manufacturing rubber, wire rope, and ceramics from the 1800’s up to the early part of the 20th century. The famous slogan of the city, “Trenton Makes, the World takes” is still reflected on the Lower Trenton Bridge today. The former manufacturing base of the city is today a large population of state employees performing important functions of state government.
The State of New Jersey remains the largest employer in the City today.
The historical roots in manufacturing provide a sense of pride even today for many New Jersey workers who value skilled labor. These workers often had parents or grandparents working long hours in construction and manufacturing in and around Trenton and elsewhere. New Jersey workers have a strong sense of pride in the contribution made to the success of the state. That same pride is felt in the Trenton Workers Compensation Court. The Court serves the vital role of making sure benefits get to injured workers in Mercer County.
 Mercer County is a thriving county in New Jersey boasting colonial history and a mix of rural and urban areas. As shown in the diagram below, educational services account for the largest industry group in Mercer County. Next are health care workers including nurses are other related professionals. All these workers can incur work injuries that threaten physical and financial well-being. 
Industries employing workers in Mercer County NJ

Workers Compensation Court Trenton NJ

The Trenton Workers Comp Court location is in Mercer County at Station Plaza 4 in Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0958. (Phone (609) 292-2508, Fax (609) 777-1794). The Comp Court is close to the Trenton Transit Center which is a major train station in the State of New Jersey.   

  • Regional Supervisor: Angela Wilson
  • Supervising Judge of Compensation: Dawn Shanahan
  • Presiding Judges of Compensation: Vidya Prasad, Robert Prisco, and Dawn Shanahan
  • Administrative Supervisory Judge of Compensation: Fred Hopke

How Do I Get To Trenton Workers Compensation Court?

Trenton, NJ Workers Compensation Court
Trenton, NJ Workers Compensation Court (Map data ©2022 Google)

From North:

  • First, Take Rte. 1 South to Rte. 33 Clinton Avenue / Train Station Exit. Then follow JugHandle Exit for Trenton Train Station.
  • Second, follow the road through at light at Train Station and make a left turn.
  • Third, Follow to the next light. Then the Court is on the right side of the street.
  • The Trenton Workers Compensation Court location is Station Plaza 4 office complex.


From South:

  • First, Take Rte. 206 North, then follow to Whitehorse Circle.
  • Second, Proceed ¾ around the circle to become S. Broad Street.
  • Third, Follow 5 miles to Market Street. Then make a right onto Market Street, and follow signs for Trenton Train Station.
  • Fourth, Take the Jug handle for Trenton Train Station, then follow to light in front of the Train Station, and make a left turn at the light.
  • The Trenton Workers Compensation Court location is next light on the right. The address is Station Plaza Complex #4.


From East:

  • First, Take I-195 West to Rte. 129 North (I- 195 turns into Rte. 129).
  • Second, Follow 129 North to Hamilton Avenue Exit. Then right onto Hamilton Avenue.
  • Third, Follow to the next light. Then make a left onto South Clinton Avenue.
  • Fourth, Follow road 3 traffic lights.
  • The Trenton Workers Compensation Court location is the 3rd light on the right. The address is Station Plaza Complex #4.


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Trenton Workers Compensation Court

Summary Flow Chart for Trenton Workers Compensation Court

Please below a diagram of important information for the Trenton Workers Compensation Court.

Trenton Workers Compensation Court Key Facts

Workers Compensation Attorney Trenton NJ

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