If you’re an injured worker with a case in New Jersey, you should be aware that there are three main benefits in workers compensation that you are entitled to.

The first of those benefits is known as the payment for all necessary and reasonable medical expenses associated with the treatment of your work injury. The insurance company is responsible for the payment of those expenses. And you are entitled to all reasonable and necessary treatment in order to get you better.

Now, the insurance company has to authorize all treatment providers prior to receiving treatment. However, you are entitled to that treatment without cost to you. The second benefit that you are entitled to is known as a temporary wage benefit, basically, 70 percent of your wage prior to the work accident is payable to you while you are out of work.

Now, an authorized physician who is treating you for the work injury needs to place you out of work altogether or place you on what’s known as light duty.

If you have been placed on light duty that is going back to work with restrictions. You have to go back to work. However, if the employer does not have that work available for you, in other words, there is no light duty the insurance company still has to pay your wage benefit.

The third main benefit in workers compensation that you are entitled to, is known as a permanency award. After treating and receiving all of the necessary and reasonable medical treatment possible for this work injury. You still have limitations on that part of the body that was impacted by this work injury. You are entitled to a permanency award reflecting the functional limitations that you have to live with on a permanent basis.

For example, if you hurt your shoulder let’s say you tore a rotator in one of your shoulders. And you receive necessary medical treatment, you receive your wage benefit while you were out of work. Afterwards, if you have strength issues, if you have limitations of movement with regard to that shoulder. You are entitled to a cash settlement based upon a disability percentage representing the functional limitations you going to have to live with, as a result of those work injury.

All those three benefits require an aggressive work injury attorney to pursue on your behalf so that you get the maximum benefit that you are entitled to.

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